In the VTPM industry sector strategy, the employer community actively identifies the number of job openings for each critical role – both new and replacement as well as the competencies, soft skills and credential requirements of each. VTPM directs ongoing efforts across multiple Vermont industries, communicating demand-side information to diverse regional education and training providers; and training regional partners to effectively use the TPM model. The TPM process involves six strategies:

  1. Organizing the Employer Collaborative

  2. Demand Planning – forecasting demand for the most critical roles using a needs assessment survey tool

  3. Communicating Requirements for competencies and credentials to training providers

  4. Analyzing Existing Talent Flows (from training providers) using the survey tool

  5. Building the Talent Pipeline with aligned incentives for training

  6. Continuous Improvement in hiring measurements and ROI


This statewide initiative is widely endorsed and supported by state partners including: Vermont Governor Phil Scott; the State Workforce Development Board; as well as the Agencies of Commerce and Education, and the Department of Labor.

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